Welcome to Dark Age Movies ~ formerly known as Deksar's Dark Age Movies

This page will now house the flashmovies of two Aislings who have been impressed and infuriated by the society in Temuair. Deksar has left quite some time ago, I am not sure if Shinn still regularly haunts Temuair ( ~ well, neither do I) but their legacy remains a reminder of what is fun and what is horrid about the land that won't let go of our imagination.

It's with pride and pleasure I am allowed to host these two views, and I don't want to forget another Aisling, who also occasionally dabbled in flashmovies of DA, MachoMonk.

And - lest you think this is all that exits - we have a flashGAME guru as well, whose work has gone beyond the Aisling Spark but remains in contact with it (just occasionally check the rock next to the temple of Glioca and remember to say hello to his wife Naze), Dredlox.


Shinn's Dark Age Movie

Deksar's Dark Age Movies